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The Wireless Smart Mouse/Remote is the perfect way to navigate your computer, TV, and more! You won't have any bothersome wires to worry about and the setup for the remote is super easy!

This remote is compatible with many devices, assuming they are Smart.

Right now, the Wireless Smart Mouse/Remote is on SALE!


  • 33 programmable buttons
  • Voice search air mouse
  • Transmission method: 2.4G RF
  • Sensor: 6 axis Gyroscope
  • Battery: AAA x 2 (not include)
  • Weight: 70g
  • Compatible with Android,Windows,Linux,Mac OS
  • IR Learning and Infrared remote control
  • Mouse Cursor stable and smooth
  • USB device plug and play
  • Fidelity Voice input(Microphone)

Note: It works for most of android TV's such as X96, X96Max, X96 mini,

HK1, HK1 MAX, H96 MAX, A5X MAX, X88 X99 T95 T96 etc.

It also works for most Smart TVs that have USB ports and connects to the internet.

How to Use IR learning function:

  1. In IR mode, press and hold the "TV" button for 3 seconds.

  2. When the red LED light flickers slowly, prompts to enter the IR learning state.

  3. The launch tube of the infrared remote control faces the launch tube of the air mouse about 2-3CM, Press the infrared remote control button, when the infrared code value is recognized, the red LED light turns to flash fast.

  4. When the red light flashes for 3 seconds, press any button to save (except the "TV" button). When the functional storage is completed, the red LED lights turn to slow flash again, and then you can continue to learn.

  5. If you don't need to continue learning, press the "TV" button to quit the IR learning mode. Press the "TV"+"DEL" button for 5 seconds, the red LED flashes, prompting to restore the factory settings.

How to Use Voice Search Function (Microphone

Please make sure your device has installed google assistant. If you haven't installed it, please download and install it from the Google play store, then the microphone will work.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Wireless Smart Mouse/Remote


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5 reviews

David Sanders

The Wireless Smart Mouse/Remote works well with my Samsung Smart TV. I love the voice command feature.


Jillian Roth

Everyone needs the Wireless Smart Mouse/Remote! This affordable gadget is awesome and so convenient!


Caleb Drury

I am so happy I invested in the Wireless Smart Mouse/Remote. It works GREAT! Super affordable price, too.


Wyatt Dubs

My wife got me the Wireless Smart Mouse/Remote as a gift and I really like it. It works exactly as described. Two thumbs up!


Bernie Thomas

I really like the Wireless Smart Mouse/Remote. It works well and makes surfing the net easier.